Hello All,

I've been walking around with the feeling to sing in a band. Just for fun offcourse. Therefore i also want to take singing lessons from a vocal coach. But i dont know if i can sing and if a vocal coach would take me serious or just would say ''i think you better stop singing'' because its to bad or embarrasing for me.

I made some bad recordings (with an non-english accent),but i hope it will give an idea.

The Doors - Light my fire

The Doors - Roadhouse Blues

Queen - You take my breath away

My highest note, F5

Thanks allot for anyone who want to give honest feedback !
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First of all, singing teachers are there to teach people, who know nothing about singing at all, not to just turn good singers into slightly better ones. They are used to the worst of the worst.

That being said, you are far from that. Your voice is quite pleasant, and you are pretty much on key at all times. You lack breath control and projection, but thats what teachers are for. The accent also isnt very noticable. I think mine is way worse when i sting in english So yeah, i would say go for it! Singing in a band is very fun, and if you get a good teacher, im sure you can get way better very fast.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Wow, an f5, are you male or female? As an f5 places you in tenor territory, I say go for it

Lessons are advised as you can have your voice trained to its full potential.
Having been in a band myself, I would say that you're more than ready to be in one haha. I like your tone of your voice and you only need to work on your high notes. Should you decide to get into some serious singing, your vocal coach will prolly teach you something about the music industry "mix" voice that you need to achieve. Anyways, being in band is fun and you should just yolo and form one asap haha.