Yesterday that would not forget what I wrote-quickly recorded at home melody , first verse and chorus of my new song!
The song is called "Everything changes"


Night is not night
Day -no day
Over the winter
And on the rooftops snow on the brain
I stand
And I don't recognize
Everything changes
And goes far
And goes far


I'm not in a hurry
And it's gone
And not to return it
Thank you friends for attention to creativity! Now I need to compose the text of the second verse and chorus!
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Night is not night
Day -no day
Over the winter
And on the rooftops snow on the brain

step aside Keats
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Awesome as usual!
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Excellent good
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nice one, pav

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Thank you friends for attention to creativity! Today I wrote the second verse and second chorus! Only the online interpreter seems to not exactly translate later.. I think in Russian to publish the text.