So I've been on and off trying to play this for 6 or so months, I know it's an easy C F G progression, but Ronk's fingerpicking is a monster to take on. So far I can play the C rhythm, it's just the C Shape with a simple alternating A-D-E-D (STRING, not pitch) bassline, and plucked B G B G E E (again, strings. It's all around the open C, the two Es at the end are because he pulls off from the Third fret to the Open String). But when I switch to the F I can't figure out the rhythm he plays, same with the G. And the solo just forget it, no way on God's green earth I can figure it by ear.
I play my own arrangement of this anyway (in DADFAF tuning, try it sometimes if you want a sinister sound), but I still really would like to learn how he played it
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So I've been able to further work out the pattern of the verse, but still no progress on the solo (I'm referring to the solo found in this link: https://youtu.be/ktThpR_s6jI ). Since so many people viewed this I'm assuming more people want to learn the song, I'll write a tab of what I know sometime later tonight, and I hope someone will then go on to correct it or do the rest
So bear in mind not only is this my first tab but I did it on my phone notepad, so it's not the best. I used a ~ to represent the one hammer on. It's a simple alternating bass lone (I know the rhythm in my tab is a bit off)