The intro is alright. I notice you're using a lot of odd time sigs, and while that's cool, imo you don't want to overuse them. I've never been a big fan of this disjointed sounding stuff. Bar 34 is actually alright, the 5/8 doesn't mess with the "grooviness" of the rest of the riff.

I don't really get the riff at bar 18, is it meant to sound awkward? 18-20 make sense i guess, and I actually kinda like it, and then at 22-24 it sort of stops making any sense to me, as far as what the purpose of this riff is. maybe i'm just not a fan of the style.

58-61 is sweet. that's the sort of prog riff that i enjoy more.

At 66 I start getting the urge to skip, since the riff doesn't interest me all that much and it seems to be a repeat of what was earlier.

98 is so sick dude. I also like the contrast of that 106 riff right after it.

114-137, im wondering if you can just remove this stuff (at least if you're not gonna put some noticeable variations in it), i feel like you could do away with it and just go straight into 138.

Hmm... I feel like the song needs a distinct climax somewhere, though. Maybe you could throw in a solo near 146.
Awesome feedback, man! Really appreciate it I'll take it all into consideration!

Also wanted to add that I'm strongly considering adding some vocal lines to spice it all up a bit

EDIT: Tried deleting the part you mentioned. Much better! Thanks!
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