so, i received my set on Dragonfires active with pot and everything and tried to install it, i followed the wiring diagram supplied with the box wich is the same as this one : http://www.irongear.co.uk/2_x_active...toggle_v02.jpg

now try 1 : crappy noob soldering, hum/buzz no sound, hum/buzz stop when touching body/battery/jack/whatever.
try 2 : cleaned everything with desoldering braid and give it a go again. hum/buzz no sound again and hum/buzz stop when touching whatever again
try 3 : ditto
try 4 : re-re-recleaned... then did a pretty good job of soldering and everything - at least to my eyes - same result, well i might have welded the jack backward... cleaned jack and invert wire, weld, same result again.
try 5 : to this point, i don't even know if the pots/3 way switch is in working order or fried so i decided to go to a simple bridge pickup to jack, no vol no tone. to hot pickup to jack tip and pickup ground to guitar bridge ground and jack ground sleeve and then wired the battery to the ''other'' jack sleeve. following original diagram for wire on jack. same thing. also said to myself that maybe original ground to body is messed, new wire grounded to bridge. still the same result : hum/buzz no sound hum/buzz stop when touching bridge/string/battery...

at this point i don't know what to do, i would normally let a tech do the work but i live in a town without a tech/luthier.

so i need help ? what may have gone bad ? did i fried the jack output? i manage to mess a 1hum to jack wiring ? idk what going on right now...
If it's humming with no output, I'd wager that you've got a hot going into a ground.

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Well, the Iron Gear diagram is a little different from the Dragonfire diagram.
Nowhere do the dragonfire actives go to ground on the body. That is normal for all the the active pickups I have ever installed.

Rip it down and start over. Make sure you're using the right tabs on the input jack. There should be 3 tabs to solder to.

I don't think you would have burned anything up. You've got to be missing something.
You don't need a tech, You can do this.
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