Hey everybody,

I got a new song for you guys. It's called 'Spiritual Peak'

It's a bit more simple to what I usually do but sometimes simple is more fun.


If you're interested in some C4C just send your stuff this way. I always like hearing other people's music.
Spiritual Peak explores some really cool musical ideas. The rhythm guitar tone reminded me of some 'old school' Swedish bands Tiamat and Paradise Lost. There are some cool, contrasting timbres here. The xylophone and lead lines were excellent. I liked the distorted transition and build-up at ~2:18. I'm digging that bass tone. It's present in the mix without being overbearing. The snare sounded A LITTLE thin to me. Aside from that, this was a very enjoyable listen.

Could you check out my track '70 years of darkness' at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1703205
Very adventorus! Love when the electric guitar comes in, very punchy! Reminds me a little of Haaken. The production is also very good. However, a issue i have is some of the midi instruments. Like on 0.32 i think you´ll be much metter of with playing it on guitar. Also on 2.50 it has very little dynamics and sound to flat and digital in my ears. But overall great work!
Usernames sucks - thanks for checking it out and giving your feedback. Believe it or not I was actually playing guitar over the top of the midi instruments at 0:32 and 2:50, it's just that I kept the guitar volume lower than the midi volume. (unless you meant I should just play those parts exclusively on guitar and ditch the midi instruments)

You probably can't hear it in the mix but there's some very old-school midi sounds in this song as well.
Do you happen to be a son of a band member from the band Yes lol. Idk if anyone could even hate this song you made I mean nothing is really wrong with it except it could use about 8 solos sprinkled throughout it . It's really well done everything transitions really smoothly. Great job overall specially on the bass it's mixed in so well.
really liked the bass tone, the guitars sound good, although in my opinion could be a bit lower in volume. I like the atmospheric feel to it. Really relaxing and unique.
Hey, I'm listening to your track now. Not my every day music but you combine some real interesting ideas from various styles that are all performed brilliantly. I'm not a fan of the keyboard tone, its a bit clanky, but that is me being fussy.

I'm hearing some Steve Howe, some Alexi Laiho, some Nintendo.The bass tone is very good, the best tone in the track. The other tones are a bit to cliche for my taste, and the track gets a bit repetitive. Maybe a tempo shift could have served well. But again, fussy.

You are a good composer and it will be interesting to see what else you can produce.

If you have the time I'd highly appreciate some feedback on my demo. Even if it is just one track of your choice.
Sounds great!
I know some people took issue with some of the midi stuff, but I really liked the keyboard sounds.

It sounds like there's some kind of artifact or weird edit on the last chord, kind of a "bump" or hitch in the sound - 5:46. Not sure if that's intentional?

Ever think about adding vocals to it?

I'm just getting started posting my own stuff for critique, but I'd appreciate another set of ears:
c.alexluke - thanks for listening.

Yep I know, there's an audio problem at the end of the track which has likely come from when I was mastering the track and it didn't render properly. I aim to get it fixed when I finish the rest of this album.

Cool I'll check your stuff out now.
Really enjoyable atmosphere in this song. Hits some sweetspots melodically for me while avoiding being cheesy. Nice use of different VST/midi tracks to spice it up.