So it's 1am and I'm just kinda fartin around with my guitar, and I saw a bottle of superglue next to me. I have no impulse control, so I dabbed a little bit on 3 of my fingers (thumb, index, middle) in the same spot I hit the strings with (I'm a flesh player). I noticed a difference IMMEDIATELY (after the glue dried, of course), the sound was much crisper, closer to the sound of fingernails. I'm just curious, is this a bad idea? I can't imagine it'd harm the instrument in any way, it may not be the best for my fingers and they're a Lil wonky on touchscreens now, but I don't mind.
Also, I've been playing for almost 10 years, and primarily fingerpicking for the last year, so it won't interfere with technique or callous building or anything. I just thought it was cool, and I wanted to share in case anyone else wanted to try!
I expect that thin CyA will bond with the dead cells on the surface of your fingertips, and peel them away when it either wears off, or gets pulled off. I don't know whether this will physically affect you enough to matter, but since callouses are dead skin, part of them will come off with the glue...

CyA has way less surface tension than water, hence penetrates very deeply into surfaces it is applied to. Obviously more so on very porous surfaces.

Think of it as a "chemical peel" for your fingertips.
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Thanks Crank Daddy, I did notice after a few songs there were a lot of flakes (I assume glue and skin) around where my pick guard would be, and the sound wasn't as crisp. It definitely wouldn't work live but it might be cool for recording purposes
I've know a lot a bassists that do that. When the glue come off it take a bit of your skin with it so if you are doing this regularly it'll give you very raw and sore fingers. Flea, from the chilli peppers used to do it and he eventually ended up with deep pit on his fingers caused by the glue ripping off during playing. For the sake of your fingers, I'd recommend against doing it a lot but if you only do it occasionally it shouldn't cause much of a problem.
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i used to know an acoustic guitar player who always used superglue on his much abraded fingertips. maybe there were some long term affects, but he did it for years.

from wikipedia:

Some rock climbers use cyanoacrylate to repair damage to the skin on their fingertips.[14][15] Glue covered fingertips do not leave fingerprints. Similarly, stringed-instrument players can form protective finger caps (in addition to calluses) with cyanoacrylates. While the glue is not very toxic and wears off quickly with shed skin, applying large quantities of glue and its fumes directly to the skin can cause chemical burns.[citation needed]
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