You're obviously an amazing player, especially since you learned and recorded this in one day like you said.

It would definitely take me longer than a day if I had to learn to play this song again. But there are other songs/solos that I could pick up in a day or two now. Isn't it awesome to have the ability to almost immediately learn what you want to learn and play what you hear in your head? Makes all the practice worth it finally!

Anyway, great job! You didn't really let any unwanted string noise out when playing or using the vibrato bar.
Thanks man!

Years of practice and perseverance always paid off.
My major influences were Pantera and Morbid angel, learned a lot about clean whammy savagery with those two !
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main thing that stood out was your lack of mistakes. it varied a little from the original, but I didnt hear any glaring miscues, and I have probably heard that song on album and live 1000 times. great job.
I just check you channel and its great man! how about a cover the Death "prog" albums: ITP and Symbolic