Really nice,I'm always down for a good rock tune! My only complaint is that you could raise the volume of the vocals (which are really good,btw) just a tiny little bit.

Keep it up!

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Loved it! Thought the rhythm guitar tone and the vocals were great. I think I would have liked to hear a boosted gain / delay on the solo, but other than that, nothing but good things to say! Reminded me a lot of Alice in Chains.

Question: Were you using the EVX for this recording? I have the same guitar and loved the tone and have been thinking about getting a new amp. Right now I am in an apartment, however, so I will most likely stick with the POD XT.

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone! lilcurtis, I was using a blend of the EVH and a Mesa Dual Rectifier sim. I definitely recommend the EVH if you are in the market for an amp!