I am building my first guitar this summer. It is going to be a through neck with three single coils, kind of like a strat. I dislike using scratch plates, so I will be mounting the pickups using pickup rings. I have also ordered pots with long shafts so they are long enough to go through the body of the guitar.
But, I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to install my 5-way switch. I know that for Les Pauls and such you have extra long switches that can go through guitar tops, is there something similar for 5-way switches? Or do you make a small recess in the cavity for the switch?
Basically, I'm asking how to mount a switch the way it's done in the attachment.
Any help is appreciated, as I'm not sure what the proper way to mount a 5-way switch without a scratchplate is.

Recess in the cavity. You can just about see it here

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