new to the whole stacking effects thing. I have always used multi effects that make you do effects in an order. I just got a zoom g1on and this thing does everything including setting up pedals where you want them. So I hear songs like incubus's absolution falling, or ghost from the pinnacle to the pit, even a shovel cover.. thats right a shovel doing killing in the name of on youtube. These effects sound so great and even though I know i cant get those tones exactly I can get close as I can.. the thing is I don't know where I start. I can hear notes in music but always had a hard time distinguishing effects by ear. It took me almost 3 years to get the clean tone for bleeding me by metallica. any help or tips will be awesomely appreciated.
So, are you trying to figure out how to use the Zoom, or are you trying to get into individual pedals? Mixing the Zoom with pedals?
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I think he's saying the zoom allows you to specify the order of your effects chain and he doesn't know what order to put them in?

If that's the case it depends on what effects you're using and what you're going for. You can do whatever you want, but generally stuff like overdrive, eq, compressors, etc. go towards the start of the chain (the start is where the guitar plugs in) and stuff like chorus, delay, reverb, any modulation type effects go toward the end of the chain, with echoes and reverbs at the very end. Wah pedals can go either before or after distortion and will sound very different both ways, just depends on what you want.

overdrives and such also usually do best in front of the amp while modulation type effects are usually better in the effects loop. Don't know if the zoom can do that.
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I think he is trying to figure out what each type of effect actually does so he knows which he needs to use when playing certain songs.

I'm not a huge FX guy, but just messing around with each FX and testing the limitations of all of the adjustable parameters (tone, decay, ect.) This will give you a better idea of what the FX actually do to the sound and it will help you in choosing the right FX
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Usually effects that like boosters, distortion, overdrive or compressors should be at the beginning of the chain. They will amplify any hiss or other noise produced by other effects if you put those effects before them.
sorry for late reply. pretty much like 4thhorsemen said. This lets you put effect chains and amp and cabinet models any where you want. it is not so much using the pedal as it's so much of creating great effects with correct order. it lets you put a total of 5 so from beginning to end it would be something like... noise gate, effects x3, then amp/cab or noise gate, amp/cab then effects. but if i am using reverb and delay i don't know jack about order. I do it and It sounds all springy and weird. I don't know jack about blending either. It has always been distortion/ clean/chorus setting for me for the longest time. I would like to recreate some of my favorite sounds that i have heard lately. Like if anyone could listen to anything I listed and give me some tips on how it is made that would be a great starter step for me. I go into this pedal guns blazing or look up patches and I think these people are just as lost as I am.
Wah > tuner>compressor>overdrive/distortion> chorus> delay> reverb. Generic pedal order. You may place chorus, delay and reverb in effects loop.
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