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Want to learn how to play all the massive gigs you can handle without sending a single demo or email to arrogant promoters who treat you like dirt?

Here’s the thing, if you don’t have a song on the radio or lots of buzz around your band promoters don’t want to know about you.

You might as well be dead.

Even if your music is wonderful.

So the trick is to become the promoter yourself and book yourself to play your own gigs.

All you have to do is book 3 popular bands to play with you.

They will sell out the gig for you.

You get them to agree by offering them all the money from all the tickets they can sell.

In return you get a email address for each person who buys a ticket.

This is good because next time you play you can email these people with an alert to let them know about your show.

And you know they are a good fans because they already came to a gig before.

I’ve done this loads of times including a show where we booked a boat on the river Thames and the boat nearly sank because it was too busy.

I hope you found this tip useful.

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P.S Please post how you book shows.
Well, I'm a pretty popular band so we just let losers book shows for us and keep all the ticket money.
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this sounds good on paper but in real life not so much. this advice doesn't tell you where to get the venues to begin with or mention the fact that as the "promoter" that all the liability lies with you. any 3 bands that can do all of what is expected probably don't need you.
your music probably just wasn't good or maybe you're just ugly
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