I've been playing electric guitar for a couple years now, and my first guitar was a piece of crap $100 guitar i got off Amazon, i think from best choice products. It's pretty much an imitation of a Fender Strat, but after a couple years it started buzzing uncontrollably. Everywhere I took it to get it looked at made the buzzing a little bit more tolerable, but it's never been the same as it was when I got it. I finally just decided to invest a little more money in a nicer guitar. I'm looking in to a Squire Standard Strat or Jackson JS32T Kelly. I mostly play rock, and I'm unsure which guitar would work better. I'm worried that the Strat would end up having the same issues i had with my cheap guitar. Thoughts?
Hi, I'm a novice so don't take everything as 100% accurate, but as far as I've read about guitars on the internet I'd go for the Kelly since humbuckers are apparently better for rock/metal....and I'm a sucker for kelly's and flying-V style guitars :P
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