Hello all.
I bought some KA Hot Rod Vintage pickups to replace my stock hummers.
I've been had them wired up for about a week. I don't have a problem with them, except my neck and middle pickups (stock) are "louder", even though the KA's are definitely a "Hot"er pickup with much more resistance.
(I forgot to measure the resistance outside the guitar....But inside the guitar my stock neck/middle pickups read about 5k and the KA humbuckers reads about 17k, which is close to the 15k website spec.)

The pickup has 4 wires. From what i've read, it uses the Fender coloring system.
Green=North Start; White=North Finish Red=South Start; Black=South Finish
So I have the black and white wires twisted together. Green/Bare as ground. Red as Hot. The standard series humbucker wiring method.

90% of the info I find for KA's show to wire as I have them.

Now, the interesting find is
This Link from the KA website:

It shows Red/Green twisted together....

So basically just asking, is the hummer pickups "sounding" lower than my stock single coil pickups normal aka is my wiring right?
might be better getting a mod to move this to gear building and customising, you generally get more answers there for technical wiring questions
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