I've been looking for a used epi LP standard and came across these two guitars. Me being quite the beginner, am trying to figure out if these are worth 350$ CDN (270$ US) each. Here is the info he provided me as well as the pictures I was sent.

These are older models, the brown one I'm sure has been refinished as u can't find any other models this color. It's a solid mahogany body and is a beast. It's a limited edition model and the pickups are Gibsons I believe and seem to be older. It's definitely my favourite and has that classic ACDC type distortion/overdrive.
The sunburst one has Dimarzio DP 151 in the neck and DP 155 in the bridge. All electronics have been upgraded on this one and coil-tapping on both pickups. 3 of the 4 knobs are pull/push system and provides quite a variety of sounds. Diffenently a Rock guitar but also has good cleans. Just the pickups and electronics are worth almost as much as the guitar itself. Very low action on this one.
There is however, a booboo on the back side of it, I have included a photo of it.

Images here : http://imgur.com/a/uhu0m