So, I already asked this question on a certain other forum more focused on 7 strings, but I thought I'd ask you guys as well. I'm in the market to buy a new guitar, and I recently found that I may be able to get a discount on Ibanez guitars.

So if that works out, would any of you guys recommend this? This thing is significantly more expensive than my original price range, but if that discount thing works, I don't mind saving a bunch for a (hopefully) proper, professional quality instrument. And I like everything about this one, especially the potential versatility with the HSH pickup configuration. On top of that I'm just digging the way it looks.

Thanks in advance.

The guitar in question: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UV70PBK
I just dont like bolt ons, i do really preffer neck thru body. Rest is fine, i used to play some GRX or something simmilar. But it was cheap guitar like 300$. Switched to LTD lately. Although KoRns K7 is really comfortable and slim.
There's nothing massively wrong with basswood. Really the worst thing about it is how easily it dings.
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If you like it and the price is right does anything else really matter?
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I love mine. Sounds great, plays great, awesome neck, etc. The Blaze pickups are a bit more scooped sounding than other options but are clear and precise. Mine can be unforgiving if I'm out of practice but that may be just how I have it set up.

Are you set on a brand new one? Mine is a '98 or '99 model that I found for less than half what a new one cost at the time and was in great shape.

Edit: mine is a UV777 model so it looks different from the one you posted and might be a different price. That's a pretty good price for that model IMO.
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The basswood body would be the killer for me.

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It's a cool guitar no doubt, and depending on the price it may be a real bargain (don't know how significant your discount is).

I would probably opt for something else personally, I'm not crazy on the Ibby necks, but that's just me. If you are into it, why not?
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