Will a Noise suppressor like a Boss NS2 get rid of the feedback I get when playing with high gain and high volume on my amp?
Yes. But only when you stop playing. It won't remove background hum whilst you're playing.
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Cuts that crap out for beautiful silence. I have the ISP Decimator going into my amp. I did find a balance between the threshold and how hard I needed to hit the strings, but for the silence when not playing in 6505+/JSX/XXX modes, awesome.
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Yes, but there is a fine line. As stated earlier, if you are getting hum or hiss while you are playing, then you either need to turn your gain down or find out what is wrong in your set up. Having said that, a noise gate will eliminate noise when you are not playing as long as you are muting your strings. I have mine set so that I can have feedback when I want it, but it will silence my amp if I am playing a staccato passage. Personally, I think it is a must if playing high gain.
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