wwwwhhhhh... aaatts up playas?
(Love tha intro)

Check it - I'm 10 years in the game, joining in 2006 and here we are - i've never been more well liked here.

You lot are like the Father i always wanted but instead i ended up with a suntanned idiot.

The king stay the king
Quote by sam b

thank u sam, how are you?
The king stay the king
i feel like tp600 could be the new blode

how are you with cooking pasta?
"i've never been more well-liked here" still sets the bar incredibly low.
Quote by tp600
Driving, along a lonely and misguided carriageway
Looking for some holy spiritual guidance
But missing the point of the carriageway's purpose

In a fishbowl, with my earphones
Listening to a cassette from the 1990s

Flung some money in a the purse of a beggar
The streets don't seem so pretty today
The homeless guys really don't help create a pictureesque scene

And so we're still meandering through this void of nothing
To get to B&Q, Argos, Tesco and Ikea
Before they all close their doors
and leave us on the scrap heap again

who are you

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
posting to see how long I've been here

edit: too long, mostly lurk, post photography. Barely touched guitar since my last band broke up 6 years ago
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Quote by kalypto at #33997103
i feel like tp600 could be the new blode

how are you with cooking pasta?

Naw he's defiantly the new dqcrewmember. Or the old one.