So am using a Visual sound Route 66 V2 this one http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Route66/

It's a great pedal but I get some annoying hiss from my amp when using it. I've tried different power supplies etc

In the circuit board theirs a bulid in noise gate that am using. But theirs also a level knob so you can adjust how much. http://media.soniccircus.com/productpdfs/Manuals/Visual_Sound/Visual_Sound_Route66_American_Overdrive_manual.pdf

Only problem is I can't find it. My circuit board looks totally different than the one Shown in the manual even the Noise gate switch is in a different location.

Does anyone know where the noise reduction knob may be?
TrueTone is VS's current name. Have you contacted them?
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Looks to me like this is your circuit board as shown on their website and there is no adjustment.


Damn that's it.
Is their anyway to make it a bit quieter? It's not noticeable when playing but annoys mean. Am sure it wasn't this noisy when I first got it.
The first two I got died on me within a couple of weeks
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