Who can make the GP5 tabs of Devin Townsend? He is a genius musician and I don't understand why nobody didn't his tab like:

from "Epicloud album" - Libiration, True North
from "Physicist" album - Victim, The complex, Jupiter, Planet rain
from "Terria" album - Canada, Universal
from "Strapping Young Lad - City" album - Underneath the waves, Spitituality
from "Strapping Young Lad - Heavy as a really heavy thing" album - In the rainy season.

Why? These song are amazing! So, can you make it for all Devin Townsend fans all around the world! Please!!!!
If you can wait until later next week, I'll start on Liberation.

Time to put some Dev in the playlist again!
Bro, I was waiting for all of these tabs for many-many years, so you have as much time as you need! Thank you Bro for that and good luck!
And you know, I'm an old-school and I don't know how to make the tabs in GP5... But Devin Townsend is a brilliant composer and musician and one of my favourite! And I really love to play all his stuff on my Jackson RR guitar!
Uploaded the first one last night! I'll try to make the tabs for the others some time soon as well, quite busy this couple of weeks.

Enjoy, good luck, and treat that Jackson well.
Upmix, than you very much for Liberation GP5 TABS! Check my feedback that I poster there! Bro, take a rest and please come back soon with the new tabs from Mr. Devin Townsend like "True North"! Give the new tabs for my black-colored Jackson RR guitar! You made the awesome tabs! And I'm sure that lots of fans will agree with me! Thank you!
P.S. And why nobody still didn’t make any tabs from “Physicist” album? It’s like the next but “major” Strapping Young Lad album with all the same line-up (Devin, Jed, Byron and Gene). And it’s brilliant album!!! I call the style of this album like “major death metal” or “speed/death metal”. Do you agree with me? Ah?
And, please, can anybody make the GP5 Tabs of Devin's band "Strapping Young Lad - Underneath the waves" from "City" album! It's a soundtrack of my life!
YES! "Grace" tabs are done! Thanks alot to "alekzsuomi". It's awesome stuff!!! Many thanks to "alekzsuomi". 5 stars!!! But who will make Kingdom, True North (from Epicloud) in GP5 too? Devin is an amazing persone!!!