Hi, so I have three new demos of some songs I'm writing. I've overplayed them to death, so I need some fresh ears for some feedback!

Heads will roll - agressive finger-picking

breath on skin - Nice calm ballad

Today is the day - my attempt at a little singalog

If you give and of mine a review, then I'll return the favour!


As promised.

Heads Will Role: First I have to confess this is not my every day music. The guitar playing is very good and I like the singing. Your phrasing is good, but I'd suggest working on your breath support.

As for the song its itelf. It is structure very well and the dynamic movement is very good.

I find the lyrics a bit overly simplistic. Maybe a thesaurus or rhyming dictionary may help you mix it up a bit.

Today is the day is much the same. Well performed, well phrased, good use of dynamics. The lyrics just lack some creativity for me.

I recommened you check out Pat Patisons books on lyric writing. They will help.

Keep it up. I hear potential.