I really have my hands full. A few months ago I joined a local metal band Khaos Ordinance as a guitarist and have already played almost 10 shows with them now. The band has over 4000 likes on facebook and some extremely loyal fans.
At this point we are trying to come up with new material but the band as a whole seems to really struggle getting together to play and individual members end up writing things that don't get used. When I try to come up with parts for riffs that the other guitarist or the drummer plays it usually ends up sounding a lot like lamb of god. We have a very unique sound and I'd like to bring my style of heavyness to the table but I am having a hard time coming up with things that work well for the bands sound. I have a lot on my shoulders and I don't want to disappoint fans by changing the bands sound on them.
Find unique motifs in their other songs and apply them in different ways. Maybe he likes to use a certain interval in a unique way. Try taking one of his best riffs and imagine playing it just on a snare drum so you hear it purely rhythmically. Now assign some new notes to the same rhythm and even tweak the rhythm a little to make it unique but still the same "flavor."
How did you get your sound to begin with? Presumably that combination of influences and input is working well - it's given you your current identity and I don't suppose you planned that in every detail; it's just a mix of what each member brought to it (and mostly before you joined, I'd guess?).
What's happening now is that each of you is expanding your own skills and influences - hearing other things, finding other ideas. Otherwise - I guess - you'd all be happy just playing the same old same old, keeping those fans happy (and hopefully building more).

The real problem seems to me that you don't all get together often enough. If you don't have regular practice sessions - even if you do have regular gigs - that's a recipe for stagnation, and for frustration if you want more creative input.
I don't think you need to worry about disappointing fans though. If you're concerned about that, there'll always be a conflict with your own desire to write new material - especially material that the rest of the band is not right on side with (ie what you describe as your "own style of heaviness"). Do you want fans who only want the same old stuff all the time? Don't you want fans who appreciate a bit of invention, a bit of left-field now and then?
Is it possible for you to put together something of your own, or maybe something in collaboration with one other band member (one you get on with best, or is easiest to arrange meetings with). Put that up on facebook as a duo venture - still part of the band, not as a breakaway thing, maybe even acoustic - see what response it gets. If it gets liked, that'll persuade the rest of the band to get on board. If not - well at least you tried.
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