Hi! I just started trying to learn guitar. My boyfriend is trying to teach me, so we can play together. It's fun, but very frustrating. The main issue I have is that I'm right handed, but due to an injury a few years ago, I cannot finger the guitar with my left hand. (It's very painful and causes my ring and pinkie fingers to go numb after a little while of trying.) So we're restrung a guitar to be lefty and that works better. Strumming/picking is pretty difficult right now though, so I'd be happy to hear any suggestions anyone has to get better at that with my non-dominant hand.
Hey, thanks for the advice kabadi.man. I tried that, paying more attention to where my thumb and fingers were gripping. It was better, but I still ended up with issues after about 15 minutes or so of practice. The injury I had was that I crushed a section of the ulnar tunnel (like the carpal tunnel, but on the outside of the wrist) totally flat on my left arm in a horseback riding accident. It took about a year and a half to get feeling back in my ring and pinkie fingers, so I'm not too surprised that trying to play guitar aggravates it. Still, it's frustrating trying to play "backwards" but I think I'm starting to get used to it as "normal".
I'm not on anything for it, it actually doesn't typically cause me much issue. I had a lot of pain the first two years when I was healing, but the injury is ~7 years old now. It only hurts if the weather is especially cold and damp, or if I sleep on my arm funny. And now when I play guitar. But since it doesn't cause me issues in my daily activities 98% of the time, I just leave it be. I'm already on Naproxen daily for some back issues, and due to some issues with side effects when I was younger, I won't take anything classed as an anti-depressant ever again.

I feel like I'm starting to get used to everything being backwards now. Trying to play with the "correct" hand is getting confusing, and I can play "Yellow Rose of Texas" decently when lefty. Working on scales and basic chords, my boyfriend keeps trying to get me to learn barre chords, but I just don't have the hand strength yet. Funnily enough, I've found that if I flip the guitar and strum with my right hand for a bit, then flip it back, I can suddenly strum better with the left, like I can imitate my right hand with my left. I've been practicing just strumming open strings with my left hand, and I'm getting better. The next adventure is keeping an eye out for a cheap used lefty electric.

I figure I'm just playing for fun, and since playing music exercises the brain, I'm exercising mine double by playing upside down