Hello this is a bit akward to do but can anyone have a guess as to what these humbuckers are? I'm sure all of the hardware has been replaced so I reckon they could have been what he put in, it's an epiphone Les Paul custom. Thanks. (If the photo doesn't work sorry for wasting your time)
With no name brand printed on the front this is a tall order, even if it said Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio it would be difficult without being able to see the model number stamped on the backplate.

Is there anyway you can take them out to see if they have a manufacturer and model stamped on back?

If not they just look like two humbuckers without covers.
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Sorry. There is no way to tell that way. Remove them from the rings and check the baseplate for any markings. Take pictures of that. Then we can help.
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Yeah you'll need to take em out and have a look on the back or post pics.Even then there's a possibility you may not identify them.

I'm kinda gassing one of those Epi LP Customs,Possibly the Pro.Love the look of them.
I will try to remove them, I am limited in what I can do as it's a Christmas present thanks for the advice : )