My first NGD post - Paul Reed Smith Starla (seafoam green)
After drooling over this guitar for a while i finally bought it. I labored over the cherry or the seafoam but in the end had to go with the Surf Green. They rarely go on sale so when the reputable online dealer had the 15% memorial day sale I jumped on it.

Initial impression is the guitar is thin and comfortable and also has some weight to it. Not like ton of lead weight but you can feel it, kinda perfect balance. The neck is fast and roomy with very low action. Obviously looks and style are a personal preference but this guitar is gorgeous, and plays better than it looks. I didn’t do the bird inlays, just the standard dots. I was going to but in the long run i found myself thinking the bird inlays looked a bit garish on this model (i might be the only person in the world that doesn’t care for the bird inlays).

The hardware is what you would expect from an American made PRS. Attention to detail and seems to be rock solid. Time will tell on how it all holds up but generally I care for my gear so it usually holds up pretty well. The pickups have very deep and vibrant tone and add versatility with the coil splitting function. Bigsby whammy bar works well and is good for anything i am going to do, i have a few guitars with the bigsby and have grown to love them.

The one knock against the purchase was the case it came with from factory. The Starla comes with a padded gig bag which although serviceable should have been a hard case. If a $450 Gretsch Electromatic Pro can figure out a way to come in a very nice solid case a $1300 PRS should also. That is a small quibble and not a huge deal in the long run, just the one thing that made me scratch my head a little.

So long story short... I fell in love with the Paul Reed Smith starla when i first saw it, after playing it a few times up at the local guitar shops I found it plays as good as it looks. I would definitely recommend it to someone looking to move into the mid to high range guitar (i realize this too is subjective but I feel it is in that High Midrange to Low High Range in the world of guitars). Awesome sound and plays like a dream, couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Nice! And, FWIW, I agree about the case thing. I like to protect my instrument investments with a good HSC.
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Nice color. I'd play surf all day on that thing.

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I saw a recent video review of these.Very nice,Sound great.I would defo have one of these.I'm generally not a fan of that colour but it looks cool on that guitar.I would have it in a heartbeat.
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That is a beutiful axe indeed. I will agree about the casea $1300 guitar should come with a hard case. You chose the right color, rock on HNGD
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that's awesome! what's it weigh?

yeah the S2 guitars come with bags, which does suck.

there's one by me that plays great, i've always likes starla's.