I changed the Duncan Designed bridge pickup for a Seymour Duncan Blackout Metal on my BC Rich Warlock. The Blackout has the quick connector cable, the Designed doesn't so to avoid de-soldering the mess, I cut the original pickup cable midway and soldered the new wires to the old. To take advantage of the two output levels of the Blackout Metal I also installed a miniswitch. Everything else I left untouched. Now I'm getting a hum noise which goes away when I touch the inside of the electronics cavity and the bridge. When I switch to the neck pickup, there is zero hum.

Is this a grounding issue? Something else? I don't see any loose wires and I didn't mess with other wires/pots. How do I fix this?
The Blackout is an active pickup. Were the pickups on the guitar also active? Because if they are not, then im suprised this even works at all.
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Quote by dthmtl3
Is this a grounding issue?

Sounds like it, but as gorkyporky noted it rather sounds like it might be part of a much bigger mess.
Yes, the original pickups were actives.

Yesterday, I removed the switch I installed to see if it does anything. Didn't make a difference.