Looking to get suggestions as to what effect pedals I need to get to the right sound for the following songs: The Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy, Who's that Lady by the Isley Brothers, and Good Times, Bad Times by Zep. Thanks in advance for your help.
Good Times Bad Times was Jimmy Page playing through a small Supro amp with the same Fender Tele that he had used with the Yardbirds. No effects just a cranked up small amp.

I had an effects pedal in the early 70's called a "Jet Phaser" made by Ibanez that was a combination fuzz and phaser. I don't know if that was what the Isley Brothers used on "Whose That Lady" but that Ibanez "Jet Phaser" was that sound.

I don't know about the Thin Lizzy stuff but of the guitar players on that song (Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson) played Gibson Les Paul's and Marshall amps.

All three songs you mentioned are early to mid 70's songs when there were few effects pedals other than phasers/flangers, wah pedals, fuzz and tape delay (plus maybe an MXR compressor). Mostly just guitars and amps.
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The Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy

Mostly just a retro distortion from an overdriven amp. Could be a chorus or something similar in the mix too on the clean parts but not much, if any.

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Who's that Lady by the Isley Brothers

Lead parts are a phaser and a fuzz, rhythm part has maybe a touch of overdrive but basically just normal clean sound.

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Good Times, Bad Times by Zep. Thanks in advance for your help.

Basically just an overdriven amp, but I think there may well be a treble boost between the guitar and the amp.