I hate it but it's coffee. If I was a millionaire I suppose I could find a coffee that tastes better than Dunkin' Donuts coffee but, for my money, it's the best I can find, is better than Starbucks in my opinion. I go with the Folgers because I'm on a budget.
I just reread this and it's hard to understand what I'm trying to say is this: Folgers is bad, Starbucks is okay, Dunkin' Donuts tastes great.
coffee is basically liquid ass, but I would rather drink actual liquid ass, so it's not a perfect comparison.
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i like folger's better than dunkin donuts coffee tbh -- i honestly do not like dunkin donuts coffee, i would rather drink coffee from 7-eleven or something -- but i'd rather have folger's than that, too. i drink my coffee black, if that makes a difference -- i know lotsa cats go into dunkin for "light & sweet" coffee -- all that sugar & cream man, i can't do it.
Drink my coffee black, I have 35 years or so. Then I discovered coffee mate. It made my coffee taste like candy bar. There's a reason for this. It's because it's got so much sugar in God knows what else . So I only went through one or two bottles coffee mate and then stop using it. I do add a little bit of milk to my coffee, now after the coffee-mate experience.
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