Thanks for checking out my track aaron.

First off, "It's Not Expected" - the song has a good feel to it with the main riff. (reminded me a little bit of Muse) and the synths that are peppered throughout the song give it a good atmosphere. The guitar solo was simple but effective - it fit in the song nicely. The outro with the synths in the back is pretty cool.

"Take Away 2" - sounds spacey, in a good way. That's a good bass tone you have at the start. I like all the effects in this song like the reverbs, delays and phase'y effects. It's cool how the beginning half of the song is like one style of music and the next half is like another.

Good work. Keep doing your thing.
Thanks for commenting on my work Aaron. And nice job on these songs. Geat production quality and variety in tones and sounds. Honestly, it's so far removed from what I play and listen to, I'm not sure I can give you much constructive feedback. But it sounded interesting and professional -- keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback! Both songs sound professional, although in "It's Not Expected" the snare is a little quiet for my taste. I like the little synth parts throughout. Good job overall!
We meet again Mr Aadvark,

Thanks for checking out my track.

You have definitely built up a unique sound that I now instantly recognise when I hear it. This sounds well done as always. I would say that for me the kick is a little thumpy in places for my liking - but thats a minor issue. Interesting use of the synth around the 1:10 mark - I liked that little synth solo.