Got GAS - Looking at getting a Keisel or another Ibanez.

Just starting considering getting a 7 string for heavier stuff.

Lowest I've played is drop d with my 6.

Wouldnt mind doing some Rob Zombie covers (that style).

Stay with one of my 6 strings and get heavier strings, drop C, or go with the 7 and tune to B?

Guess i could tune a 7 to GC, but haven't not played heavy wondering what you think.
Do you find yourself with a limited range of playability want to expand?

I know i did. Not only does a 7 string give access to another full octave, sweeps and scales can be expanded with out neck shifting, which opens up a more accessable range. Chords can sound much fuller and deeper allowing for deep stacked intervals. I switched because the stuff i wanted to make and cover was out of the range of my six

When getting a 7 string, go for one with a larger scale length for a less floppy B string
I tried tuning my 6 strings down to B or dropA, but it just didnt feel right, and the playability was pretty bad, even after i did a setup for that tuning. So i got a 7 string with a 26.5" scale length. The guitar itself is pretty great, well made and sounds killer, and riffing in low tunings is a joy, but i find that lead playing is much harder on it, than on my 6 strings. I have played a few 25.5" 7 strings, and they seem much nicer for lead playing. I dunno, maybe its just me, or something wonky is up with my guitar, but if i were you, id try out both scale lengths and see what suits you best. I mainly play rhythm in my band, so its not really an issue for me.
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i am not much of a seven string person, i have found myself preferring bari's. i don't own either ATM.

The lowest i go atm is C#std, or dropB on a ibby prestige, fender showmaster, and one other guitar i can't think of at the moment.
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I know i did. Not only does a 7 string give access to another full octave,

A seven string gives you a B string (assuming normal tuning); that's far from another octave, assuming that you're still tuning your guitar mostly in fourths/fifths.
If you're experimenting with lower tones or extended range, take a look at what Rondo Music is offering among its Agile brand guitars. They've really pioneered in offering very decent 7, 8, 9 and even 10-string guitars in a wide variety of scales (including multi-scale/fan-fret instruments), with and without trems (no, really) for extremely reasonable prices.

This is a bit of an extreme compared to what you're considering, but it's an 8-string 27"-30" multi-scale guitar with a specially designed Kahler trem and angled EMG 909 active pickups for $999.99.


A 7 string is a different beast from a downtuned 6. I play differently on my 7 than I do to a 6 in B standard, even though they occupy the same range.
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I leave everything standard and drop the low B to A and have a bass line going with E standard.
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