Hi guys,

I know those threads emerge sometimes, but I still do not have enough information, so I kindly ask for you help.

I am not a professional musician, and do not have virtually any live gig or even rehearsal experience, so I have been almost always playing at home either via a guitar processor or via software plugins. Now, I would like to test some guitar equipment 1) for trying to record some songs on the most suitable combination of equipment I find; 2) for purchasing in the future.

What I need is to get your advice on possible combinations of 1) amp (head+cabinet) and 2) pedal (distortion or/and booster) for achieving a sound we may find on the Peaceville Three early albums. Another type of sound I would like to get is probably sime kind of funeral doom as in Worship or other similar artists.

I know that everyone finds something to his/her taste, and there might be many combinations, but at this point, I would like to get all recommendations possible for thereafter testing them myself. As for the limitations, please do not tie your advices to prices. I want to get your optimal solutions for high-quality equipment, in order to get the best (in your own opinion) sound suitable for my purposes.

So, to sum it up, what is the best combination of guitar equipment for ahieving the old Peaceville Three sound?