Clever, she was clever. Her new neighbor moved in and irritated her. So she looked up the neighbors name and found he had an extensive criminal history. The only problem is she was entirely mistaken, yes, she had mistook him for different person.
She went to a judge and had him sign out some kind of a deal with the police where they could could come and, get him. The man she had mistaken for the violent criminal had just had back surgery, extensive back surgery and was starting the road to recovery.

The police came thinking he was a violent criminal and handled him like a sack of potatoes. He eventually died as a direct result. The psychiatrist is still practicing medicine. Isn't that nice?

This is just one show from my new favorite TV series: fear thy neighbor.

This was the best one but there's several come close. Someone always dies .Lesson is stay on good terms with your neighbor. Even if they are insane.
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