i have a mexican strat FSR that i really don't like the stock pickups on and i had an idea:

i want to have a humbucker in the bridge and a tele single coil in the neck. i have the tele pickup that came out of my USA tele, and need to find a humbucker. i haven't looked into what i want for the pickup yet though.

where would be a good place to get a custom pickguard for it?

i am thinking that i want black or red tortoise shell.

here is a pic:

Warmoth can make you one, for sure.

WDMusic probably has one in stock. As might Allparts.

And if you want something flashy, there's companies like Greasy Groove or Q-Parts.

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i called WD. the tech guy was kind of an ass.

i guess i need to trace the pattern i want, and they will charge some astronomical price.

i forgot to say that i wanted the 'bucker on an angle if possible.
i don't want to cut it myself.

plans might change because i found an old Bill Lawrence LX500XL in my garage (that i forgot i owned), and i have the tele pickup for the neck.
Quote by trashedlostfdup

i forgot to say that i wanted the 'bucker on an angle if possible.

I'm doing the same thing. Warmoth will do ya good for $25-30 depending on the material you choose

Here's what I intend to do:

Keep in mind that If you do go through with the angled humbucker, there's a 95% chance you'll have some routing, chiseling or filing to do in order to make it fit, regardless of whether you have a humbucker route or not
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