Hello UG,

I have an improved track fresh off the presses. When I originally posted this track in this forum, a fellow UGer, curlyhead_P , got in contact with me and provided both the lyrics and the vocals to this track. I am excited to see what this community thinks of this new and improved song.


Also, if you like the vocals, you can check out curlyhead_P and his awesome music at: https://amateurchemist.bandcamp.com/


Hey. I'm listening now. Great start to the track. My attention is immediately gripped.

Very good musicianship and performance and a very good use of dynamics. The drum mix is way off though. The drums dynamics never change and they dominate to much. I find the drums a bit generic compared to the other instruments to.

Screams sound great. Guitar tone great and the solo fits very well. The sing/scream vocal layering is very cool.

Excellent work. Just work on the drums. Listen to Led Zepplin for good example of really great, dynamic drums.

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