This might sound impossible, but i'm experiencing a lot of issues with the amount of volume i'm able to get out of my MIG60/1960a (4x12) setup. My other guitarist is running a MIG50 through an 8ohm Sunn 4x12 and blows me out of the water with my volume nearly maxed and his around the minimum. It's truly perplexing at this point. I know wattage doesn't mean volume and he's got a pretty nice cab, but it still doesn't make sense. Even my fender hot rod is way louder than my half stack.

So my question, of course, is whether or not i'm doing something wrong. Here's the rundown:
Soviet MIG 60 = 1x 4ohm output, 1x 8ohm output, 1x16ohm output, line out.
Marshall 1960a = selectable ohms - mono at 4/16 or stereo at 8 per input.

I've been running it at 4ohms assuming thats the way to get the most volume. But i'm wondering if theres maybe a way to run it in stereo, or something else that i haven't considered. Any ideas would be helpful.

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Can you try to run your head through your friends cab?

And vis versa your friends head through your cab? Might help troubleshoot the problem
maybe your power tubes are on the way out?

i must say though my MIG50 is LOUD. it is stupidly loud. i haven't tried a MIG60 though.

as long as the head's impedance matches the cab's impedance it doesn't really matter.
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