Hi All,

I'm a Sunn amp guy and the Alpha is my main amp. I've never been too happy with the brittle and muffled speaker on this thing but I've kept it for the sake of keeping everything on the amp as original as possible. I've been told that the speakers in the Alphas weren't that good and when I asked about a suitable replacement, I was steered towards the Celestion Blue.

I'm sure it's a great speaker, but it's $500 CDN with tax! That's not impossible if I sell some stuff, but it's still a bit steep! It costs more than the amp did!

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on this, or perhaps some other ideas. I'm looking to improve the clean tone more than anything else as I run my amp clean and step on my RAT for dirt. I like the idea of a Vox-like chime (I used to own a Night Train) but I want it to go well with the Sunn amp.

I'm lost. Some direction would be appreciated.

-Major Bludd
check out ted weber's alnico blues. i like his stuff (in general)
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