HI all, new poster here. Looking to get an guitar multi effects unit and am wondering which is a better unit, the Boss ME-80 or the Zoom G3X. I play trumpet in a band and a little acoustic guitar. Some day hope to play some electric. Thanks so much.
i would go boss. i have tried previous generations of the ME-__ and liked them. i like that everything is simple and laid out right in front of you. IMO more user friendly.

i just don't gel with zoom for some reason.

maybe look into the line 6 m13? i like that over everything mentioned in this post.
If those are your only choices I'd go with the Boss. I had a poor experience many years ago with a Zoom multi effects but I'm sure they are much better now, I recently went from a Boss ME-50 to a Digitech RP 500. There was nothing really wrong with the Boss ( I used it for a number of years and got a lot of good use from it) I was just ready for a new toy.
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Quote by Rickholly74
I had a poor experience many years ago with a Zoom multi effects but I'm sure they are much better now

They definitely are. The G3(x) and G5 are genuine contenders, whereas Zoom's earlier products were aimed purely at the cheap market. I guess they realised they had to up their game because they couldn't compete with the ultra cheap chinese brands so started aiming themselves at the big boys?

That said, it depends what TS wants for his FX unit.

If it's for use in front of an amp providing drives etc, I'd recommend the Boss (possibly the earlier ME-50 over the ME-80). If it's for a headphone practice tool, or for use in an amp's effects loop for modulation & delay, I'd definitely go for the Zoom. As mentioned earlier, Line 6 are always worth looking at too.

There was another similar thread discussing this recently, where I did a few posts comparing Zoom & Boss, plus loads of discussion from others. To save me typing out a lot of the same stuff, go read through this thread:
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I got Zoom G3X yesterday from the mail. Chose it because of the drum tracks + looper combo. It really depends on what you're looking for.

Something I've noticed compared to playing with an amp is that I can't hit sweeps like I used to. Maybe the amp I used before cleaned up my sound a bit and Zoom doesn't forgive the mistakes I make...
Early Zooms I had were nowhere near up to par but the Zoom G3X makes a great go to for me instead of pulling out the pedal board or lugging it around just to jam with friends. Plus with the looper and drums makes it more fun just to play around the house