I put 56-13's on my Washburn Sonic 6 and wanted to know if that'll be a problem. I don't play in standard, just drop C# . I also can't recall what were on it before, but I believe they were 12's, maybe at the least 11's. I was in a hurry since the last string change was bad and grabbed the only pack I had, which were Ernie Ball 7 sting Slinkys. So far it sounds fine, the neck hasn't warped or cracked, and there is no buzzing from the strings. Will my guitar be fine?
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It'll be fine. Check action and neck relief in a day or two to see if there are any adjustments that need making, but you won't have done any damage.
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Relax. At worst, you may have to adjust action. They shouldn't hurt the guitar at all.
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