New song I just finished recording and mixing.

It was a damn complicated mix - lots of guitar tracks, 2 violins, viola, cello, trumpet, french horn, saxophone.


Also, if anyone wants to write lyrics with me, shoot me a message.
It's really not my strong suit, and I've got several songs that are bottlenecked at the lyric-writing phase.

My only complaint is that the first lead guitar parts tone is a little dry. Otherwise, lovely stuff dude, very Ne Obliviscaris, even the vocal style.

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I was going for more of a jazz guitar tone there: Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, that kind of thing.
Now THOSE guys have a dry tone.
I couldn't bring myself to go quite as clean as they do. Need some reverb and echo in there in order to respect myself, right?

Maybe the tone there could use more bass frequency if it sounds too thin and brittle. idk.

Thanks for the feedback.