Inspired by Neitzche's concept of eternal recurrence, this piece is made up of musical "wheels" that turn at varying rates: each track is in a different meter, and once they get going, they never line up with each other again.

Another element of the recording is the use of heavily processed samples from "Also sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss, possibly the most famous piece of Neitzche-inspired music.
The low pedal tone and the sort of Hans Zimmer-ish timpani/trumpet hits are sampled and edited from a recording of the Berlin Philharmonic performing that piece.

You'll also hear some time-related sound effects throughout: some slowed down clock ticks, reel-to-reel film sounds, and a processed sample of a grandfather clock chime.


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It's interesting to hear about how you composed this piece. I' always like to hear music experimentation.

The whole piece comes together to sound quite unique and atmospheric. Nice work Alex.
Wait, edit: I got the tracks mixed up.

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