Hi! I have this cheap strat that I want to customize to hopefully improve the way it sounds. My idea is to replace the stock pickups. Right now i have a humbucker on the bridge and i want to change it to a single coil. For reasons that i dont find much use with the humbucker and i like the look of 3 single coils more. I want to ask what are the things that I need to do and know before i start this project. As of now i only know that i have to get a new pickguard to fit the new single coil on the bridge. I dont know anything much on the wiring parts and installing pickups. Thanks in advance!
The easiest way to go about doing this would be to keep the wiring intact as much as possible. When you get the new pickguard, you can remove all the pickups, pots and the switch and it'll all come out in one chunk together. Chances are that since it's a cheap strat, the humbucker is probably just 2 wire. If it is, that simplifies things. You can desolder the original wires, and just solder in the new pickup in it's place.

If it's 2 wire, chances are there will be 2 conductor cable, one insulated (hot) and shielding (ground). If you see bare wire , without insulation, or wire coming out of the first layer of insulation, surrounding the other wire, it's definitely ground.

It's probably something along the lines of this, minus the white shielding you see, that's most likely just paper or cotton strands used for heavier gauge wire for higher current.