I have an LR baggs Para DI, To be used for acoustic guitar – usually strum, occasional finger-pick. Accompanying vocals
Any hints from someone who has set one up on how to best use this. Its currently underutilised.

Use is for live gigs – halls festivals sometimes large stages etc
DI from LR Baggs to the desk

Guitar is Tanglewood TW45 superfolk with Fishman Presys Blend pickup (standard)

I'm actually doing the sound for the guitarist and plan to have control of the DI myself – as the guitarist is away with the musical fairies (but very good!)

Thanks in advance.
here is a link to the Para DI manual:


the low, treble, and presence knobs are similar to amp controls, the mid knob is tied to the frequency knob which allows you to specify what frequency you want the mid knob to control. I usually keep it at noon and back the mids off to 10 o'clock to clean up the piezo quack, works great for getting a better acoustic-like tone, but you'd have to experiment with it for your gear.

the notch knob is best explained in the manual, it is for killing feedback.

I run the XLR output into mixers etc, if the mixer has phantom power and its on, a green LED lights up and it bypasses the battery and powers the DI with phantom power.

Love the Para DI, my piezo sounds very lifeless without it.