Hey guys! just looking to get some feedback on my bands new song. We are a Chicago based death metal group. I would be more than willing to trade feedback on your recordings. Leave a link in the comments. Stay sick!

Edit: i screwed up the title, this song is Split From Existence

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There are definitely problems with the production for now. The snare drum is obnoxiously piercing, while the kick drum is barely audible. Bass and guitar sound fine. Vocals on the other hand sound really detached from the rest of the mix. They're flat, they're too much in your face when the rest of the mix is on the background, and they're really dry. Would definitely recommend gluing them together in the master and adding some reverb.

As a song, it's not really the best death metal song I've heard but there are good ideas. Some overlapping guitar parts fit well together and I like the fact that the bass is prominent. Vocals sound pretty strong. It was a pretty uneventful song though, and it cut out really abruptly. But it is a bit catchy, and got stuck in my head, which I think is a good thing. I like the album art as well, and for what it's worth I think that the band name, and the song name, are pretty great.

It's too uneventful for my tastes, no memorable chorus, cool guitar solo or dynamic changes etc. but I think it was a well put together effort anyway, and I like your "art direction" or whatever a lot.
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Awesome! ill be looking into this. I appreciate the feedback.

The vocals were the trickiest part since i play guitar and record that all day. i was getting feedback that the kick was too boomy so i think i overdid it when cutting down.
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