Hi guys.
Few monts ago I bought a Roland Cube 20 GX for practicing. Now, when I think of getting pedal effects,and the lack of FX loop in modeling amp is issue for me. (I have one Bandit 112 with which I'm going to gig with and I want to use pedals at home too.)
I found that on guys is selling Marshall VS65R for like 180 euros (200 dollars for US guys) or he would change it for smaller modelling amplifier.
I used cube for practicing only. I don't know if the Marshall won't be too big for apartment and practicing.
Plus, I' m more of a death metal guy, but when I practice, I don't use loads of distortion and some pedals will cover it hopefully.

(Dumb question... maybe...): Can I compare this amp with good ol' VS100 tone character?
Thank you for any help.
The VS65R is more or less the same amp as the VS100, at least preamp wise. It's a decent amp, but the usual "try before you buy" applies here, some people hate Valvestates, some love them.
It's got a real spring reverb and if memory serves me well a parallel effects loop as opposed to the more common series loop.
But I don't think it's going to be much quieter than the Bandit.
If you like it go for it (though 180€ seems a bit steep, but I don't really know for how much they usually go these days), but you can get great bedroom tones out of the Bandit (or any master volume amp for that matter, even a 100W tube head with a 4x12). You just have to dial the master volume way down and maybe adjust the EQ a little bit.
Not sure it would be much better than the cube. You already have a Peavey Bandit 112, the Marshall isn't really going to give you anything new. I would stick with what you have and pass on the Marshall.
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I'm personally not a fan of the Marshall Valvestates, but I had a bad experience with one. I was running it in stereo with an Ampeg VH140C on the other side. The Marshall VS just couldn't keep up with it, so I got rid of it. My mistake was probably playing it side by side with one of the better solid states in the market, at least for metal, anyways.
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Not a fan either, but some people swear by it (Chuck Schuldiner).
If I were you OP, I'd get rid of the Cube and keep the Bandit. Again, when set up right it should work well for both gigging and bedroom practice.