Hey everyone,

I just got my first guitar and am trying to learn how to play. I was wondering if anyone could give some tips or advice on how to make the tuning process quicker and whether or not there is an exact sound i want to reach? Can it be possible that different people tune their guitars differently because of personal preferences?
If you are just starting off you want to tune to standard, which is: E A D G B E from low (in pitch) to high. People sometimes use open tunings or drop tunings for a certain style, but if you are starting I don't recommend this unless you plan to learn folk music.
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Tuning is definitely a matter of personal taste, or the band's if you play with others. I assume you know the 'default' EADGBe tuning, try a semitone flat, which was popular before skinny strings were available and can sound more mellow, drop D which is like standard E but the bottom strings is dropped a tone and allows a chord to be played by barring the bottom 3 strings. Just try things you like the sound of.

Tip, if you just want to tune the guitar to itself not a specific note scheme, the fifth fret is the tone for the next string up.

If you don't have a tuner get one, or there are many apps for tuning. Check youtube for tutor videos as these can be suitably comprehensive for the novice (Rob Chapman did a great one a while back).
the only real rule about tuning is that you generally want to be in tune with whoever you're playing with, so agree on a tuning and make it happen.

it's really worthwhile to learn to tune by ear since it'll really help you develop your ear training and it's always cool to be able to go drop D on the fly.
if a tuning call for say b flat and its Bb is that niether sharp and just b on ur tuner
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