Hey there,

Got another new track for you guys.

It's called Flaws and I'm sure the observant of you will spot a flaw in this song right at the beginning but I kept it in because it's apt for the song.


And like always, If you're interested in a little c4c just leave me a link to your work.

Keep it spicy y'all.
Thanks for your critique glad you liked it, what's tribal style riffing tho lol? I like the sound of that. Your song Flaws.... I will not lie I have trouble paying attention to a song over 5 min lol, but at times this song is more soundscape-ish so it doesn't really demand the listeners full attention. Your lead guitar has a very nice tone to it good dynamics and your phrasing is on point. That synth/piano melody you have going with the water going on in the background I really like that good shit man.
Thanks for the return.

Yeh your song gave me an African tribal percussion vibe. You may have being going for a totally different feel but that's what came to mind for me. I guess that's the beauty of music interpretation - it can vary from person to person.

As for this track - 'Flaws' - you're right, you don't have to listen to hard to hear what it has to say. I guess this is as close to 'Easy Listening' as I'll get and to be honest I thought you'd be bored with this track but it's cool if you enjoyed some of it.
Yea I see where you're getting at I like that haha it is kind of a visceral sound. I was going for more a fantasy space sound with the fast tapping parts. I have musical adhd makes me feel anxious when music doesn't build up quick enough. But your playing interest me I loved spiritual peak and the fox and the soul.
It does have a space'y/sci-fi sound to it - the fast legato/tapping parts - now that you mention it. I guess the African tribal style riffage is like an earthly thing and the fast leads are like outer space and when you combine them together you get - "Leaving This Planet" :p hehe.