Hello! Let me introduce. As my username says, my name is Adinel Berehorschi and I'm from Romania. I'm a teen blues guitar player. So, that's my first post, btw. So, here's my problem. I want to buy a used Airline Semi-Hollowbody H77. Great guitar. But the body have some big issues. I have asked several guitarist, and I don't know what to do. A luthier told me that doesn't look like that big of a deal, from photos. I can't see the guitar, it's too far away. So, I'll upload some images, and I'll wait for you opinion. Will it sound good after the repair? The neck will be straight and not going to break? The sustain, will be affected? Thank you, and sorry for my bad english.
Looks like the "inser image" button don't work for me. I'll leave some links hereunder.

I'm from Moldova so can answer romanian also but don't want to confuse others. Here are my answers:

>Will it sound good after the repair?

Any major repair could affect the sound, but nobody able to say if it's better or not. The "sound" is your own unique taste. Which is good for one may be worst for others. So the answer is - it's same risk as buying any other guitar over the internet, which you cannot listen before buying. Repairing this guitar is depending on the glue used. If it's epoxy, you can leave it as it is or ask any local luthier for painting the crack locally without complete refinish. Shouldn't be very expensive in Romania.

>The neck will be straight and not going to break?

would be ok if it's epoxy. You can also ask luthier to glue in some hardeners from hard wood.

>The sustain, will be affected?

Sustain? This is not the thing we're usually looking in hollowbody guitars ;-)