So i have an old Shure sm 78 and im borrowing my mates presonus audiobox two and excelvan condenser mic so i can lay down quick vocal demos to send to my band, nothing fancy just enough to get them to be able to hear the melody and such.

But im playing around with things trying to get a better sound.

long story short i want to record with two mics but when i turn on phantom power, on the interface it runs it through both inputs.

Can anyone tell me if this will damage the SM78

i know this doesnt usually have much impact of dynamic mics, but im just worried that this mic was made before they made dynamic mics compatible.

this is a link to the users guide: http://cdn.shure.com/user_guide/upload/1568/us_pro_sm78_ug.pdtf
Good on you for asking before you try. So many people come to the forums AFTER they have already damaged their equipment doing something silly...

That said, I cannot find much information directly on it. So presumably that means no one has reported frying their 78's. There are these links:

http://recording.org/threads/tape-op-sm57-mod.57573/ (post #3)

From what I gather, the SM77/78 are transformer-less SM57/58's. And the lack of transformer does not affect its capability to tolerate phantom power. Also the SM77/78's did not sell well anyways, so maybe see if you can just borrow a proper SM58?
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There should be no reason why you would want to run 2 vical mics at tge same time.

From what little I know about this mic, it should be ok in case you want to do it.
And if you do, make sure you know how to phase correct the tracks unless you purposely want some odd jives.