Hey Guys,

I am looking for your suggestion. Actually I want to purchase an acoustic guitar which I'll gift to my brother. As I am purchasing it for the first time so have little bit confusion about guitars.

I was looking for guitar reviews on Google and I found few guitars which I liked.
Those guitars are:

#1. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar
#2. Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
#3. Yamaha FG700S Acoustic guitar

I found these guitar suggestions on this site http://www.bestacousticguitarreview.com/ and selected these 3 guitars. But I need your suggestions because you all know much better than me about guitars. So kindly suggest the best one among these guitars or suggest something else.

Hi there. It really depends on your budget: if you have a pretty high budget, you could take a look at Taylor or Martin guitars, they make really fine instruments. If you have a tighter budget, from those 3, i would go for the Yamaha, they make really good guitars, very easy to play, and they sound great.
i'd go with the yamaha. while any brand of guitar can have issues, particularly at this price point, the FG700 is a nice guitar with a solid top, and the ones i've tried played well and sounded good. the jasmine is all laminate, while the yamaha has a solid top, which is better for tone. rogues are a crapshoot. i've had a couple that were pretty decent after some set-up work, but have played some that needed intonation or other help.
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chosing between These 3 i would also go with the yamaha...

i myself own an epiphone aj100 which is the slope shoulder model of no. 15 on this list ( dr-100 ). this is some great and "beginner friendly" piece of Wood.
unbeatable for its Price ( +- 100€ ) imo...

if you plan to spend <> 300 euro you could also have a look on Sigma guitars...Budget Version of Martin...i played some on the Frankfurt Music fair and was just astonished by them... i liked them even more than the expensice Martin originals...
Guitar center has the fg700s on sale right now for $149 if you don't mind sandburst color.

If you ask me, the best one from those three is N3, Yahama.

Why? It's a good question which requires a long answer. I've reviewed Yamaha FG730S on my blog, you can check it out here: http://acousticgo.com/

Take a look at some other guitars there, you might find something interesting for your bro, if you haven't already
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the best is the one that will inspire you to make the best music... just go to local shop and try it. once you pick the right one , you will know it ...
and you will connect. nobody could tell you what is best for you ...


Did you get him the Yamaha? The Jasmine could be alright at less than half the cost if set up well. That one's a crapshoot. Hope it turned out alright.