I'm a 6 strings guitar player, I just love to play in 6 strings and think you can do anything with it. Nonetheless, I'm willing to buy a good 7 strings guitarr just for playing covers and stuff in dropped A - G tuning. I'll keep writing and recording music for my other bands with my 6 strings RGIT20FE Ibanez (I love Ibanez for metal). Some people have told me Ibanez stock pickups are shit, so i'm needing your help to make a good decision. (I would need a neck like ibanez guitars since it is comfortable for small hands, and it is really easy to play with such neck). Maybe getting some RG Ibanez and saving up for some decent pickups? or what would you buy instead.

Thanks in advance!
Check out Agile. They do have some with brand-name pickups for your budget,
Look into a used Agile Septor for something under 500. Should be able to score one w/a set of EMG's or Blackouts already in it, and neck-through construction. I used to own one, and they're solid guitars for the price for sure, but definitely go used, because the resale value sucks for going new.

Personally, if you are willing to wait around for a good deal to pop up, and can maybe stretch the budget by another $100 or so, I'd strongly recommend looking into a used LTD Stephen Carpenter sig model. They're fantastic guitars (And probably my favorite 7-string guitar I've tried). Much nicer than the Agiles IMO.

Used Ibanez RG is always another route you can go as well, but I'm not an Ibanez expert, so I wouldn't know the exact model to recommend
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I came to say Agile as well, at least if you are in the USA.
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One of the things I love in my RGIT20FE Ibanez is the C shaped neck profile:

Thickness at 1st 19mm
Thickness at 12th 21mm

It allows me to play really fast, Agile guitars are awesome but I'd find no comfort on them since all of them have 21.5mm - 22mm (1st - 12th). Any Ideas? where can I find a good used RG ibanez?

I found one what do you think:

Totally Agile, I own an Ibanez 8 string and I'm in love with it, got it used for like 200 bucks, but I wanna order an Agile as soon as I get my Ormsby 7 string. I heard Ormsby is gonna be selling some DIY kits which will be a bargain if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, and if you like multiscale guitars of course!
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If you like Ibby, get a used MIJ Ibanez 7421/7420/7621/7620
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can some one tell me the order of tuning a 7 string frm b standerd to the lowest so i can work with some differnt tunings please any info much apricieated
chris kelley
If you just mean the notes of the strings it is BEADGBE.

It's the same as a 6 string just with a low B, so any tunings that apply to a 6 you can transfer to a 7 and just lower the B accordingly, for instance ADGCFAD is a 7 a whole step down, you can drop tune the B to an A as well and go for 7 string drop A: AEADGBE.

Hope this helps you out.
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